chapter  11
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Aviation Technology

In this chapter, we examine the various types of aviation technology used in public safety. This includes an in-depth analysis of unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones. The use of drones in public safety is one of the biggest challenges for public safety agencies. The use of drones can be controversial, but with proper oversight they can be one of the more effective uses of technology in public safety. Drones can be a force multiplier and save public safety agencies money compared to traditional aviation assets like

helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft. This technology has been used in the military for years, and just recently the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allowed public safety to experiment and use them in real-life situations. Throughout this chapter, we focus on the specific laws with drone technology, and on management considerations and discuss what should be included in a department policy for drones. Additionally, we review the latest helicopter technology used today, including navigation systems, downlink cameras and infrared imaging systems.