chapter  13
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The Budget Process and Learning How to Fund Your Project

In this chapter, we discuss the parameters and formats of a budget. Additionally, we review the grant writing process, which, if prepared correctly, can be a vital component of your project. It is no secret that funding will play an important part of your technology project. Public safety agencies are not like the private sector, where a company can raise capital to invest in technology. Large companies like Apple or Microsoft have billions of dollars for the research and development of new products. Public safety agencies are sometimes at the mercy of whatever technology is available. Technology or information technology (IT) companies try to develop equipment based on feedback from public safety personnel or from the military. Speaking of the military, many of the technology systems used by public safety organizations were originally developed for military applications. The United States

government has the money and resources to develop technology that can eventually be used in public safety. One obvious example is the unmanned drone. The drone was developed for military use and is now being tested and used by public safety agencies.