chapter  14
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Developing the Technology Project

The good thing about project management is that there is a specific structure or method that can be used for just about any project. Regardless of the type of technology you wish to purchase and implement in your agency or organization, effective project management requires patience, understanding and sometimes a little bit of luck. There are numerous articles available in the media that discuss project management principles and ways to be a successful project manager. The common theme in project management is to start with a general foundation and build the project from there. A general contractor building a home doesn’t just show up at the property and start installing fixtures or plumbing. They first build the house from the ground up, which includes making some specific decisions about

the construction project. Who is in charge? Who will approve the architectural plans? Does the general contractor hire outside help? All of these questions need to be answered before he or she starts to work on the house. More importantly, the entire process is codified into some type of a document. The document can be called the scope of work, foundation or work plan. The important part is that the document answers the aforementioned questions. When that information has been clarified, the project can move forward.