chapter  18
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Installation, Maintenance and Closure of Your Project… The Final Steps

Chapter 18 is the final chapter in Unit 3. In this chapter, we review the final steps of project management, which are installation, maintenance and closure of the project. Up to this point, you have received instruction on how to prepare a comprehensive plan that details how the project will commence. Now it is time to actually complete the work. This chapter highlights the various parts of the installation or implementation plan, which is essentially the template for the entire project. After the technology product or system has been installed, it needs to be tested. This is part of the quality assurance process that was briefly described in prior chapters. The project manager must ensure that the product or piece of technology works as advertised by the vendor before closing out the project. The final part of the process is to ensure that the project is maintained by either in-house technicians or by having a maintenance contract with the vendor. This chapter also focuses on the management and leadership skills that are necessary to finally complete a technology project.