chapter  1
Early Bolsheviks
Pages 178

This chapter presents the heterogeneous group of Bolshevik dissidents who had risen against Lenin in 1908, had left him and had campaigned against him for years. They consisted, first, of the former friends of Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Bogdanov, members of the first 'left' opposition—Lunacharsky, Manuilsky and many others; secondly of the right-wing dissidents—Rykov and his friends. At the meeting of the Twenty-Two, Bogdanov was elected to the Bureau of Committees of Bolsheviks, the first Bolshevik 'centre'. During the Revolution Bogdanov began to impose himself as the principal figure in the Bolshevik splinter group, and even to eclipse Lenin. Aleksandr Lozovsky was Secretary of the Parisian Bureau of Labour for Russian Émigrés, and for a short time administrator of an electricians' school for adults. Lozovsky took an active part in the dissensions and divergences which rent the émigré Bolshevik Party after the failure of the 1905 Revolution.