chapter  9
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Training, Coaching, Counseling, and Mentoring—Helping Officers Grow and Develop

ByLarry S. Miller, Harry W. More

Training, coaching, counseling, and mentoring are all significant elements of today’s modern law enforcement didactic process. Counseling serves as a medium for creating an organizational environment that allows officers to grow, develop, mature, and work toward the goal of becoming a true law enforcement professional. In progressive agencies, training programs are evaluated periodically to determine if the agency has provided the training and development opportunities needed to ensure that core skills were actually developed. In a more formal sense, training consists of guided interaction, practice sessions, special seminars, planned courses, or any other type of organized activity designed to produce a particular learning experience. Sergeants who take an active interest in their subordinates and perceive counseling, mentoring, coaching, and teaching as parts of their role make an incalculable contribution to the growth and development of the department’s human resources. Sergeants interact with their subordinates on a daily basis and are trusted by other police officers as street-level compatriots.