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During the week ending November 11th. Emily A. Stears, Brooklyn, N. Y., culinary vessel; and Margaret H. '\V allace, Sedalia, Missouri, also a cooking vessel.

The rVoman's Journal of Boston also mentions the following inventions, which have been patented by women within the year: - Elizabeth Bateson, of Detroit Mich., has patented an ash sifter ; Marion W.

McCa11~, of Posey, Ind., has patented a cultivator~ Jane Nixon, of New York, bas patented a threadmoistening attachment for sewing-machines ; and Sallie M. Siebel, of Philadelphia, Pa., has a patent for leggings; Ada H. Kepley, of Effingham, Ill., bas patented a traveller's treasure-belt; Fannie S. Smith, of Topeka, Kansas, has patented a fence-post; H!lrriet E. Baker, of Springfield, Mass., has patented a scrubbing brush.