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Several drawing-room meetings had been held in London previous to this great meeting, by the kind invitation of Mrs. S. W. Browne, Bayswater; Mrs. Caine, at Clapham ; Mrs. Henry Richard, in Brompton ; Miss Muller, in Chelsea; Mrs. R. D. Thomas, at Highbury; Mrs. Capel, Upper Woburn Place; and Drs. Julia and Kate Mitchell in Sloane Street. The following ladies took part; :Miss Anna Swanwick, Mrs. Lucas, Mrs. Fenwick Miller, M.L.S.B., Miss Muller, M.L.S.B., Mrs. Brine, Miss C. A. Biggs, Miss Lord, P.L.G., Miss Lidgett, P.L.G., Miss Helen Taylor, M.L.S.B., Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, Dr. Janet Rushbrook, Dr. Kate Mitchell, Mrs. Stanton Blatch, Mrs. Ormiston Chant, Mrs. Charles, P.L.G., Miss Tod, Miss Balgarnie, and others.