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EXAMINATION IN THE ART, THEORY AND HISTORY OF TEACHING.-Here there were two ladies: MARY CLARA DAWES, M.A., and Mrs. SOPHIA BRYANT, D.Sc., for Psychology, Logic and Ethics.

WOMEN'S COLLEGES. All the ladies' colleges are rapidly increasing their

numbers. Since the first establishment of Newnham and Girton Colleges the governing body of each of these institutions has had constantly to face the difficulty of providing accommodation for a rapidly increasing influx of students. At Newnham there are now rather more than a hundred students-40 in the South Hall, presided over by Miss Clough, and 51 in the North Hall, the head of which is Miss Helen Gladstone, besides about a dozen "out-students" who are residing with their relatives in Cambridge. These numbers will very soon be considerably increased. The number of vacancies expected at the end of the academical year is 25, and there are already 40 applications for entrance in the ensuing term. The experience of previous years leads the authorities of the college to anticipate that the number of applications for entrance will at least be double the number of expected vacancies at the beginning of the Michaelmas term. At the council meeting, on May 16th, it was therefore resolved that another house must be engaged and prepared for the reception of students in October next.