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It is particularly desired that the women's memorial should in no way interfere with the larger or general memorial which has been started by the Duke of W estminstn. Many women will probably take part in both. The special memorial will for the most part be raised by small contributions from women of all classes of society. Without attempting to limit the scale of donations, it is suggested that from one shilling to a guinea would be more appropriate in this case than larger sums, the object being not so much to collect a l&rRe amount of money as to represent the gratitude of a considersble number cf women, many of whom have been helped in the hard struggle of their lives by Mr. Fawcett's active and courageous sympathy. The Hon. Secretary will be glad to receive the names of friends each of whom will undertake to collect £10 in small sums from women in aid of the Women's Fawcett Memorial Fund. Subscriptions may be sent either to the Bankers or to the Hon. Secretary.