chapter  360
of Events.
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THE list of successful students in the June Matriculation Examination was issued too late for insertion in our last number. The women students achieved a i,;ignal success, which was the more remarkable as this year there were 1,200 candidates. For the first time a lady heads the honours list, without being disqualified by age from receiving the exhibition of thirty pounds for two years. 'l'bis lady is Miss Jane Rebecca Wishart, ·of Notting Bill High 8chool. Two other ladies are among the prize-receivers-:-Miss Mary Ann Hanbidge, of the North London Collegiate School for Girls, obtaining a prize of £10, and Miss Amy Gertrude Brown, of the Ladies' Coll1:;ge, Cheltenham, obtaining a prize of £5. In all, thirty-five candidates have obtained €itber prizes or the number of marks qualifying for prizes, and eight of these are ladies. In the honours divieion, out uf 136 candidates, 31 are ladies. And of the 615 successful candidates, 100 are ladies, out of about 150 who entered for the examination. Last year a total number of 972 candidates presented themselves for this examination, and 536 passed; and out of 124 ladies, 79 passed ; so that the corresponding numbers 1,100 and 615, and 150 and 100, ladies show a very considerable increase.