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Mrt:~. Chapman also took a deep interest in the cause · of peace, and was co-editor, with Mr. Garrison and Edmund Quincy, of the Non-Resistant, the organ of the New England Non-Resistance Society, during the years 1839-1842. As far as her peace views permitted, she laboured earnestly for the North during the civil war, and saw, with intense satisfaction, the last vestige of slavery destroyed; and she was among those who agreed with Mr. Garrison in thinking the work of the anti-slavery societies, as such, ended when the war terminated in universal emancipation. Since that time she has come before the rublic only as the literary executor and biographer of Harriet Martineau, with whom her ardent friendship began in 1835, during Miss Martineau's visit to this country. But, although, for the last twenty years, her life has been one of quiet, almost. of seclusion, her interest in art, literature, the condition of women, and all the topics of the present day continued unabated. She was remarkable for her stately beauty, which she retained to the very last. Her friends on both sides of the ocean will be glad to hear that her port~ait will be published in the biography of Garrison.