at the other platforms,
at the eighth plat-
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Among the ladies who spoke at the other platforms, were Mrs. Scatcherd of Leeds, at No. 3, Mrs. Richardson of York, at No. 4, where Lord Lymington presided; Miss Muller in the lavender coloured sash and white cross of a district marshal at the fifth platform, Mrs. G. S. Reaney and Mrs. Sheldon Amos at the sixth, where Mr. Percy Bunting presided. Answering the question why the demonstration should be held now that the Act was passed, Mr. Bunting said it was held because they were not satisfied with the mere passing of the Act-they were going to have it enforced, and they intended that there should be in every town of the country an active vigilant committee watching thepublic authorities, from the mayor and the magistrates down to the policemen, to see that they all did their duty. Furthermore, those committees would consist of women as well as men, for the men never went straight unless the women watched them. If these committees could be got fairly to work, they might depend upon it that they would see the Act come into effect for the protection of the young and weak. Mrs. Ormiston Chant spoke at the eighth platform.