at this establishment, which she occupied once a year. In reply to a further question, .Miss Scott said she had
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The Church Congress met this year at Portsmouth, on October 6th. No ladies hitherto have been permitted to speak at any of the meetings, but they were allowed to contribute papers, and from time to time ladies have availed themselves of this permission. But this year Miss Weston, the sailor's friend, whose name is a household word in Portsmouth has been the cause of a most useful innovation, by reading herself a paper on mission wo1"k among sailors and marines. On October 7th, the subject of Women's Work in the Church was discussed in Congress Hall before a large audience, half of whom were ladies. The result showed that deaconesses and sisterhoods, without lifelong dedication or vows of celibacy, are accepted fact.a by the Church. The other hall was occupied by discussions upon Religion and Art. The most important paper was by Mr. J. U. Horsley, R.A., who earnestly deprecated the employment of n11de female models in: art schools, a practice which he maintained wa.s unnecessary for real art, and conducive to moral degradation and corruption.