the whole, with the dissection lessons, are £14 14s. for
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Adams, Mary Jane, Miss Brown's School, Belfast. Anderson, Letitia Elizabeth, private study. Armstrong, Emily Jane, Methodist Coll., Belfast. Arnott, Catherine, private study. Atkinson, Mary, Ladies' Coll, Derry; Black, Margaret Bournes, Inter. Sch., Boyle. Blakely, Catherine Davidson, Ladies' Coll. Sch., Belfast. Bothwell, Emily Jane, Strand House Sch., Derry. Boyd, M. Gordon Lyle, Inter. Sch., Ballymoney. Cary, Agnes Gray, Ladies' Coll Sch., Derry. Cockburn, Louisa, Ladies' Coll. Sch., Derry. Corry, Elizabeth, Ladies' Coll. Sch., Belfast. Crosbie, Mary Teresa, private study. Devane, Charlotte Frances, private tuition. Dickie, Christi.Be, Academical Institution, Boyle. Dickson, Mary Teresa, Inter. Sch., Newtownards. Douglas, Harriette Mary, Inter. Sch., Limarady. Downes, .Margaret Tierney, Cath. Coll., Graf. Rennard's Palace,

Breslau. Duffey, Bridget Teresa, private study. Elliott, Mabel F. L., private study. Entrican, Sara, Ladies' Coll. Sch., :Selfast. Gillmore, Eliz. Jane, Ladies' Coll Sch., Derry. Gordon, Ellen Matilda, private study. Gorsuch, Eliz. Jane, private study. Graham, Delia, private study. Hanna, Emma Charlotte, private study. Hinkson, Adelaide Georgina, Royal Univ. Classes and Alexandra

Coll. Isaac, Eva Frances, private tuition. Keane, Emma Louisa, private study. Kelly, Mary Hannah, Ladies' Coll. Sch., :Belfast. Lyster, Eliz. Hester, Alex. Coll., Dublin. · Mackillip, Mary, Lauies' Coll. Sch., Londonderry. Maguire, Lucy M. J., private study. Medcalf, Mary Georgina, Alexandra College. Megaw, Sarah, Inter. Sch., Ballymoney. Meredith, Charlotte Sophia, private study. Mitchell, Sarah, Ladies' Coll. Sch., Derry. :Naylor, Fanny, Ladies' Coll. Sch., Belfast. Neill, Harriette R., Ladies' University Sch., Belfast. Nesbitt, HemieLta Grace, Methodist Coll., Belfast. O'Keefe, Julia Mary, private study.