at Cambridge, was Miss
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THE one lady who acted in the performance of the Eumenidea, at Cambridge, was Miss J.E. Case, formerly student at Girton.

THE LADIES OF ENGLAND AND' Mrss GORDON. -A handsome volume has just been presented to Miss Gordon, sister of the late General Gordon, containing an illuminated address, sympathizing with her in her bereavement, and alluding in a touching manner to the virtues of her brother. The preparation of this memorial, or address of condolence, which bas been signed by the Princesses of Great Britain, peeresses of the realm, and wives of Bishops and of members of the House of Commons, as representing the women of the; United Kingdom, has been under the supervision of several noble ladies. The Countess of Pembroke, Countess Cowper, CounttlsR Brownlow, Viscountess Wolseley, Lady Wantage, and Mrs. Goschen formed the committe·~; Lady Wantage acting as honorary secretary. The address has been submitted to Her Majesty's inspection at Windsor Castle.