chapter  10
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Session 7

Coping With a Lapse or Relapse and Direct Experiencing of Emotion
ByPaul R. Stasiewicz, Clara M. Bradizza, Kim S. Slosman

This chapter corresponds to Session 7 of Emotion Regulation Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders. In this session, the therapist and client expand the scope of personalized high-risk drinking situations to include those with both positive and negative affect. In addition to situations that occur frequently, the client is asked to consider high-risk situations that occur less frequently but pose a significant risk for drinking. Coping plans to prevent drinking in these different types of situations are developed. Plans are developed to assist the client in managing a lapse or relapse to drinking, should this occur. Next, the therapist conducts the first of four direct experiencing of emotion sessions. The rationale for the direct experience of emotion is revisited and individualized rating scales for craving and distress are reviewed. The first imaginal exposure to a negative emotional drinking scene is conducted and processed with the client. At the end of the session, between-session skill practice is assigned.