chapter  11
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Session 8

Enhancing Social Support Networks and Direct Experiencing of Emotion
ByPaul R. Stasiewicz, Clara M. Bradizza, Kim S. Slosman

This chapter corresponds to Session 8 of Emotion Regulation Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders. In this session, social support deficits often experienced by individuals with an alcohol use disorder are reviewed and discussed with the client. The client is provided with information about the importance of building or enhancing a social support network, identifies personalized social support needs, and develops a plan to strengthen the client’s support network. The therapist also conducts the second of four direct experiencing of emotion sessions. During imaginal exposure to a personalized negative-affect drinking situation, the therapist introduces the client to the “pause and hold” technique, which allows the client to remain in contact with portions of the imagery scene that elicit high levels of negative affect or urges to drink. The “pause and hold” technique provides greater exposure to the negative affect imagery cues and enhances emotional processing of the negative-affect drinking situation. At the end of the session, between-session skill practice is assigned.