chapter  14
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Session 11

Relapse Prevention and Lifestyle Balance
ByPaul R. Stasiewicz, Clara M. Bradizza, Kim S. Slosman

This chapter corresponds to Session 11 of Emotion Regulation Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders. In this session, the therapist provides the client with information regarding the importance of relapse prevention to ensure that the beneficial effects of treatment persist beyond the end of treatment. A discussion of relapse warning signs, including more subtle signs, is intended to promote a daily awareness so that even subtle warning signs of relapse can be recognized and appropriate coping behaviors can be initiated. The importance of lifestyle balance is discussed with the client using the analogy of a rechargeable battery with an emphasis on maintaining a sufficient energy level to manage life stressors. Skills to improve the client’s quality of life, such as ensuring sufficient positive life activities and savoring pleasant events, are discussed with the client. The client is engaged in developing a lifestyle balance action plan. At the end of the session, between-session skill practice is assigned.