chapter  8
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Session 5

Drink Refusal Skills and Managing Emotions With Actions
ByPaul R. Stasiewicz, Clara M. Bradizza, Kim S. Slosman

This chapter corresponds to Session 5 of Emotion Regulation Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders. In this session, the therapist provides the client with education regarding direct and indirect social pressure to drink. Drink refusal skills are then reviewed with the client. This is followed by an in-session role play of drink refusal skills as applied to a specific high-risk situation in which the client feels pressured to drink. Next, the therapist reviews the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behavior and emphasizes how changing behavior can change our emotions. This often involves “acting the opposite” of what an emotion is urging the client to do. The client is taught the five steps for managing emotions with actions and, with the help of the therapist, applies these five steps to developing a plan to address a personalized high-risk drinking situation. At the end of the session, between-session skill practice is assigned.