chapter  8
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Affective encounters amidst feminist futures in architecture?

Slow languorous limbs floating near gravity free in viscous wonder as lazy globules of

saturated colour in warm tones spill across surfaces. Patches of colour and light pulsate

amorphously. Soft objects in liquid suspension brush by bare arms. A glowing

luminescence, a womb-like throbbing soundtrack sends a signifying reverberation

through the viscera. A gentle hum, a self-satisfied oneness with the world. Haecceity – a

hereness, a nowness – a suchness, surfeit of immanence. Burbling univocity, substantial

self-sameness. Dream-like and colour drenched, auto-affective bliss. Swooning

jouissance. Here I am in perpetual sensorial suspension, lying on my back in communion

with an all-engulfing world bearing witness to Pipilotti Rist’s Gravity Be My Friend (2007)

at the contemporary museum of art Magasin III, Stockholm.2