chapter  4
Musical analysis of Baluan garamut
ByTony Lewis
Pages 52

Chapter 4 presents the author’s musical analysis of the Baluan garamut repertoire. The chapter begins with a set of arguments that evaluate the role and function of musical analysis in the ethnomusicological context, particularly in response to the anti-formalist approach that holds much currency in the discipline today. The chapter then introduces the author’s methods of transcription and analysis, drawing in particular on circumstances that have enhanced his understanding of the Baluan garamut repertoire piece Taporak, and on further thought processes and methods that he has developed in his roles both as a student of various non-Western musical cultures, and as a music educator. The chapter then gives a summary of the pieces, in alphabetical order of title, which the author has documented through transcription. This summary includes information on the structural template that each piece conforms to, the various performances of each piece that the author has documented, and other circumstantial information regarding the history, origin, or function of each piece, or any other noteworthy points about each. Subsequently, the chapter presents a detailed structural analysis of selected pieces from the Baluan garamut repertoire.