chapter  6
Understanding the Parents’ Experience: Being Changed
ByKaren Martin
Pages 10

Losing a baby to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) “undermined” and shook the parents’ “confidence in everything”. When the baby died of SIDS, it destroyed the foundation upon which the parents had built their lives. External changes were obvious. The most important change was that the baby was missing. Once parents found an explanation for their baby’s death, they began searching for the meaning behind their baby’s death. Some parents could find no positive purpose for their baby’s death; they just could not make “something good come out it”. Some parents never regained their sense of confidence, not just in themselves as a mother or father, but also in their environment. With a new perspective on both life and death, parents were ready to “make something good come out of” their experience. Some worked hard to “change society”.