chapter  280
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Unlike Jim and Jake’s fi rst foray into writing a “popular” book, The First Americans, which went relatively smoothly with only a few low-order bumps along the way, this was an arduous and, at times, painful experience. Not only did the project take twice as long as any of us ever envisioned, its gestation and subsequent development were often quite trying, to say the least. Jim and Olga express their sincere gratitude for his collegiality and hospitality to Jiri Svoboda, under whose “roof” at the archaeological research facility in Dolni Vestonice they fi rst “saw” Venus-wear from which much of this book ensued. They are also very grateful to Jake Page, who converted their often-arcane professional English argot into something akin to readable prose and who consistently comforted them with his version of “this too shall pass.” All three of us are particularly indebted to Joe Regal, our agent, who persisted in fi nding a publisher for this book after a series of

editor changes no authors should have to confront, and to Elisabeth Dyssegaard, our wonderful editor, for actually wanting to publish this document. Jeff Illingworth assisted all of us by sorting out and organizing the critical illustrations “piece” of our volume, while Steve Holland took some key pictures, thereby making it a better book than it might otherwise have been.