chapter  5
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Renegotiating Final Negotiations: From Introspection to Emotional Sociology

This chapter is based solely on Carolyn Ellis's experiences, though she use fictional devices and camouflage identities. Art and she first talked to George about ten years before when he was working mountain roads near where we had rented a house on Hollow Mountain for a month during the summer. Sometimes Art and she take day hikes in the nearby forests or in the nearby national park. She is surprised, though she shouldn't be that the ethical dilemmas and relational responsibilities present in her study of Fisher Folk revisit her as she writes these stories about my life in the mountains. Exploring this mountain community, and her part in it, is an important component of her "revision", and how she position herself now in terms of her past, present, and future. Church and family are the center of this southern, rural community and locals often invite them to church.