chapter  1
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Goin' to the Store, Sittin' on the Street, and Runnin' the Roads: Growing Up in a Rural Southern Neighborhood

The act of telling a personal story is a way of giving voice to experiences that are shrouded in secrecy. This story presents people's personal account of the lived experience of abortion narrated in both the female and the male voices. After the abortion, people found themselves numb, self-protective, and unable to express our thoughts and feelings about the abortion. Two months after the abortion, people independently reconstructed a chronology of the events that took place, including the emotional dimensions of their decision making, turning points, coping strategies, the symbolic environment of the clinic, and the abortion procedure as each of them experienced it. Abortion is a subject so steeped in political ideology and moral indignation that its experiential side can be forgotten or neglected. The discourse on abortion, the questions are overshadowed by political and moral considerations, and they lived experiences of the women and men who face these choices play a minor role in pro-choice/pro-life debates.