chapter  12
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Who’s with Whom?

Understanding Prejudice through Mime
WithJoe Norris

In this chapter, the authors discuss the issues imbedded in their stories and explore how they suggested potential scenes, as was typical with our process. Audience members could read their own specific examples into the story without resorting to the ethnic or gender-specific variables of individual cast members. The story is a compilation of examples of bullying that happen when a student moves from a rural to an urban school and was partially based on a story told by a junior high school student. In a general sense, mime is a form of communication through movement without the support of words. It can be classical, like the work of Marcel Marceau, or informal, whereby actors use movements alone to tell a story. Mirror Theatre has had a range of cast members from diverse cultural and racial backgrounds. The East Indian female had two apparent affiliations, race and the color of her shirt.