chapter  2
26 Pages

“A” Research to Performance Process

WithJoe Norris

In this chapter, the author outlines the technical processes employed in this version of Playbuilding, as he integrated qualitative research principles and practices with the established Collective Creation or Playbuilding processes. He discusses the interpersonal dimensions of collaboration, noting how the establishment of a functioning team is essential for the successful completion of this type of research project. The technical dimension outlines a series of steps that other researchers may wish to follow, but alone it fails to provide an understanding of the lived-experiences of individuals in collaboration. The interplay between themes and scenes can generate a lot of data from which the research performance can evolve. Since metaphors suggest many particulars, they enabled the Actors/researchers/teachers to explore a variety of avenues of the phenomenon, and, as performance pieces, they created openings for the audience members to search for their own particulars. The metaphor cards were playful abstractions of the emergent stories and themes.