chapter  3
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History of Mirror Theatre

WithJoe Norris

This chapter outlines approximately twenty years of work with many Actors/researchers/teachers, organizations, and schools. It provides fresh ideas, as the readers juxtapose their histories with ours, exploring new possibilities. The chapter shows that more theatrical and research histories will be shared to enable others to benefit from a rich diversity of directions that different companies take as they share their research findings in theatrical, research, educational, and community venues. Mirror Theatre had humble beginnings, and our learning curve was steep, but with appropriate partnerships and allies it did become a highly recognized theater-in-education troupe in western Canada. A series of events led to the incorporation of Mirror Theatre as a not-for-profit society. Mirror Theatre would own the rights, and its Board would grant permission to remount or publish. In this way, all scenes remained collective property, with an infrastructure for fair use. Mirror Theatre’s relationship with the university was an informal one.