chapter  4
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Understanding Peer Pressure and Sexual Activity through Sculpting and Readers Theatre
WithJoe Norris

The use of Readers Theatre had both pragmatic and theatrical reasons. Readers Theatre was an alternative to the typical realistic theatrical style of conversation and acted as a voice collage, providing a wide range of opinions. Sexual behavior comes with physical, emotional, and social risks. Sexual activity has been socially defined as risky behavior, making it, for some, a thing to be avoided; however, for others, the challenge is part of its lure Loss or gain of reputation is another form of risk, but it depends on the situation and era. The old standard of “males are studs and females tramps if they engage in sexual behavior” was articulated in the scene, but often there are double and triple standards. Telling or not telling is a crucial element of sexual activity. In the sexual pressure scenes, having adults but no peers would have sent a message different from that of a scene including peers, and vice versa.