chapter  6
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Funky Shirt

Problematizing Clothing Communication through Voices Off and a Dream Sequence
WithJoe Norris

The audience can no longer have the illusion of being the unseen spectator at an event which is really taking place. The whole elaborate European technique, which helps to conceal the fact that the scenes are so arranged that that spectator audience can view them easiest that way, is thereby made unnecessary. Trying to understand the nature of the “perhaps” conflicting messages implied by female attire proved to be difficult. A series of different cast members, over a long period of time, struggled with a variety of vignettes that eventually resulted in the scene. The final version of the scene articulated the ambiguity found in both the senders and the receivers of the “messages” in clothing, emphasizing the problematics of attire. As with the scenes “Pressures” and the “M-Word,” there was also a pragmatic reason. Different cast members would play different scenes on different days.