chapter  2
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Darcy Alexandra Are We Listening Yet? Participatory Knowledge Production through Media Practice: Encounters of Political Listening

Applied visual approaches often require a period of experimentation on the part of the researcher. This chapter explores how new heritage intersects painful pasts. The author been a long-time user of geographic information systems (GIS), and experiences with GIS and archaeology encouraged me to think about the various ways researchers could represent the spatial aspects of heritage. The Rosewood Heritage Project combines various forms of new media to explore the complex history of minority disenfranchisement with a thorough contextualization of Rosewood's history, as both a location and a community, past and present. If the goal is to engage the public in meaningful and ethical reflection, then an engaged, ethnographic focus must remain an integrated part of any new heritage project. This chapter discusses the use of new heritage for investigating racial violence in twentieth-century America. New heritage represents a mixed-methods approach combining various digital technologies.