chapter  3
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Marty Otañez and Andrés Guerrero Digital Storytelling and the Viral Hepatitis Project

The surprising and wonderful reunion resulted in several collaborative advocacy and educational outreach projects, including some that made use of archive of photographs of prewar life in southern Somalia. In this chapter the author recounts how our photography archive became the basis of a series of collaborative educational projects that included a website, two museum exhibitions, and an ELL (English Language Learner) book, 20 years and 6,000 miles away from its original creation. This chapter began with several weeks of ethnographic background study, visits to Lewiston, and visits to the college of members of the Somali Bantu refugee community. Given the paucity of culturally appropriate ELL materials, the author agreed to create an ELL booklet in English, Somali, and Maay-Maay using the photography archive to draft text based on the images of life in Somalia. The author concludes by summarizing a few of the issues that emerged in ethnographic moments during the collaborative research process.