chapter  4
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Ciann Wilson and Sarah Flicker Picturing Transactional $ex: Ethics, Challenges, and Possibilities

In integrating the insights from reflexive and narrative ethnographies with digital humanities, the use of participatory design (PD) is essential, as the emphasis is as much on the design process as the product. As part of the iterative design process, the issue of audience was initially addressed by integrating PeruDigital into two classes in the University of Central Florida (UCF) digital media program: a graphic design and a digital cultures and narrative class. The approach undertaken in PeruDigital considers how to recreate reflexivity in an embodied digital medium by making explicit how ethnographers do their research and generate knowledge, and how one's perspective on a social event is influenced by one's social role. This chapter discusses advisory board made up of experts from the north coast in the areas of culture, tourism, and community development to work with people in the design process.