chapter  4
Evaluating Fiction-Based Research
Pages 16

This chapter presents a novel low-fat love which refers to settling for less than people want and trying to convince ourselves that it is better than it is. It explores low self-esteem, the psychology of negative relationships, women's identity building in the context of their relationships with men, and the social construction of femininity in pop culture and how that impacts women's psyches. The chapter draws common character types and stereotypes in order to subvert them, challenge readers to reflect on their own lives, and offer a feminist rewriting of commonly held assumptions about gender identity and heterosexual relationships. It encourages young women and men to reflect on their lives in ways that promote the development of positive self-concepts and healthy relationships. The chapter also considers how to present the novel to the audience and it includes a preface that summarizes the content of the novel, provides context regarding the experiences that informed the book.