chapter  2
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Impermanence and Observation

This chapter reviews major points about the value and uses of the researcher reflective journal. The researcher reflective journal is a record of all that is occurring in the study, the processes of the study, and most importantly, the meaning of the study. It is very much like the Zen journals that individuals keep while they are learning to meditate. Journal writing is a powerful tool for practicing writing, like the practice of Zen meditation. One learns to write by writing. One learns to meditate by meditating. Keep a researcher reflective journal and a meditation journal. A reflective journal may be considered a contemplative research technique in qualitative studies. It is contemplative as a result of the time spent on meditating or thinking about the meaning of the data in any given study. Finally, sharing journal writing between participants and researcher may offer the qualitative researcher yet another opportunity for triangulation of data sets at multiple levels.