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Relatively few objects were collected during the archaeological surveys in Baluchistan. However, the alabaster bowls and clay boxes' and rattle from the northern sites of Tor Warai, Shahr Sardar and Saiyed Maurez were particularly appropriate to what is currently known about their cultural background in the late fourth to early third millennia. The terracotta objects found on survey sites 40, 42, 43 and 64 where Londo-ware' was dominant are of a kind not previously recorded from Baluchistan. Part of a vertically striped animal was also found on Surkh-damb in the same locality and fragments of bull figurines occurred both on the surface and in Period II and Period IV contexts at Anjira. At both Anjira and Siah-damb, Surab, detached fragments of large clay bulls were recovered from late Anjira III/IV levels and, together with the leg found on the Nal settlement at Chimri probably formed part of theriomorphic vessels.