chapter  6
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Note Taking and Other Recording: Capturing and Managing the Data |

The results of free-listing interviews are the raw materials for exploring many practical questions. If one's free-list interviews include background information on the informants, he/she can finds out something concerning the effects that gender, socio-economic status, and other variables have on different qualities and quantities in the lists themselves. He/she can also identify some good key informants from your free-list interviews. For the next data-gathering steps, such as pile sorting and ratings, He/she will need to decide which items from your free-listing results you want to include in the follow-up interviews. Pile sorting, as the name implies, means that they ask informants to sort things into piles, or groups. The most usual format is to have words written on small cards. He/she then say to the informant: 'Please put these animals into groups of those that are similar'.