chapter  9
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In-Depth Interviewing: Case Interviews |

This chapter examines techniques that have proved their value as ways to enhance interview data. These techniques the use of hypothetical scenarios, or situations, and of diaries and other record-keeping for getting certain types of information can be elaborated on in many ways, depending on the topics about which the field researcher wishes to obtain information. The use of hypothetical scenarios, with or without pictures or other visual aids, is often a productive and 'user-friendly' way of getting people to talk about sensitive topics or areas of controversial opinions, and of gathering everyday information concerning personal problems, decision-making, social support, and a wide range of other topics. In some research situations, one might find that a special sub-group of informants would be appropriate for a diary-based data gathering, whereas other sub-groups should be approached with card sorting or paired comparisons, along with open-ended narratives about key behaviors and experiences.