chapter  12
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Analysis of Qualitative Text Data: Basic Steps |

This chapter presents some examples of ethnographic research teams which are mainly drawn from South Asia. South Asia is also a useful example area because of the very wide range of different applied programs that include ethnographic research in their current activities. In many applied ethnographic projects, in both developed and developing countries, the data gathering is carried out by multi-disciplinary teams of varied composition. In the mapping projects, the teams are sometimes a mixture of geographers and 'expert' participants from the local population, as in the example of place-name mapping in Arctic Canada by the Mller-Wille team. The mapping projects described by Herlihy and associates in Latin America included some that were headed by geographers and others headed by anthropologists. The various FES-style studies concerning acute respiratory infections and other health and nutrition topics have often involved combinations of clinical practitioners and academic researchers, along with community based NGO outreach workers.