chapter  13
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Structured Observation of Behaviors and Events |

This chapter reviews the main guidelines for writing ethnographic research materials and, as one will note, repeatedly emphasize 'stick close to the data', and 'present the voices of the people'. It then discusses some lessons from two interesting papers one is written by the well-known ethnographic researcher, Harry Wolcott, re-examining the first lessons in writing an ethnographic paper based on his research entitled 'The Man in the Principal's Office'. It also discusses guidelines for writing the different sections of research-based papers and reports. In ethnographic writing much of the citing of other studies should be left to the concluding section, after the more or less inductive, descriptive presentation of the qualitative and quantitative data in the main body of the paper. Although some of the introduction needs to refer to previous studies, the results of this kind of study call for comparisons and possible theory-building arising from these new findings.