chapter  3
Attributing Colour to the Ancient Egyptians: Reflections on Black Athena
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This chapter examines some issues encountered when considering Ancient Egypt's place in Africa, and especially the influence of what can only be termed Egyptocentric' research traditions on the historiography of the Middle Nile and Sudan, the one region of sub-Saharan Africa most closely linked with Egypt. The chapter suggests that there are very different archaeologies and histories of the region still waiting to be written which do not need to look to Egypt and grand narratives of grand civilizations. Just as the post-medieval Funj elites of the Blue Nile may be identified as the "clothes-wearing" people, so another active element in the definition of earlier elites may lie in their food and drink as well as prestigious artefacts such as imported bronze vessels; in what they ate and how they ate it. Archaeologically, livestock are clearly of considerable significance over millennia.