chapter  2
Afrocentrism and Historical Models for the Foundation of Ancient Greece
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This chapter examines the different forms of knowledge produced during the Condominium period, the way in which they have defined the parameters of more recent scholarship, and the possibilities and consequences of moving beyond them in the light of new research. It focuses on issues relating to the formation of dynastic civilization in the Nile Valley a topic which has commanded undiminished scholarly and popular attention in Europe from colonial times to the present and to the definition of an African context. The claim that Ancient Egypt arose upon African foundations constitutes a powerful but vague rhetorical statement, which implies a historical relationship between what are, in reality, two relatively modern categories, both subject to a variety of possible understandings. The comparative research on ancient and modern societies undertaken by scholars during the colonial period did, however, generate and record knowledge of African political forms, which today has a value beyond its original context in racial theory.