chapter  1
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Introduction: An African re-genesis

Historic documents are integral to historical archaeology. The documents used by these historians were viewed with the goal of reconstructing trade routes and quantities and the military dimensions of life on the island. Documents were recorded using both Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. In the Netherlands, documents were recorded in Dutch, French, and English about half the documents being in Dutch. The Dutch National Archives contains extensive records from the time of both the Old West Indies Company and the New West Indies Company. Two regulations passed on St Eustatius make reference to the slave housing on the island. The first of these was passed in 1803 and forbade the leasing of slave housing. The Pleasures Estate Plantation is one of the primary archaeological sites that the author has investigated over the past few years. The first mention of the Pleasures Estate Plantation is on a map drawn and engraved by Reiner Ottens in 1742.