chapter  3
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After Prison

When Klejn was imprisoned in 1981 he was in the midst of arranging to have two different works published in the West. The fi rst of these projects was the article that in later years was successively expanded, until reaching its fi nal form in Soviet Archaeology: Trends, Schools, and History, published by Oxford University Press in December 2012.1 Klejn had embarked on this project at the suggestion of Bruce Trigger (Klejn in Chrisomalis and Costopoulos 2013: 192). In the preface to the book Klejn tells the story of the original article’s publication:

The fi rst version of this work was published in the journal World Archaeology (London) in 1982, under three names (Bulkin, Klejn, and Lebedev 1982). My pupils Vasily A. Bulkin and Gleb S. Lebedev were listed as my coauthors. In fact, although we had planned to write a joint work, the text was written by me. I discussed it with them and made use of their comments, especially when writing Chapter 4 and also while correcting and abridging the manuscript. Material from another of my students, M. Shchukin, was used in writing Chapter 6.