chapter  5
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Homeric Studies

Klejn’s publications on the Iliad in the 1990s drew from a course of lectures that he gave on the European Bronze Age (in Leningrad), but their immediate stimulus was the fact that as a result of his persecution he was stripped of his academic titles and deprived of his membership of the university. Unable to gain access to a university library, Klejn simply took down his copy of the Iliad from the bookshelf of his study and, making use of his training by Propp, subjected it to an intensive structural and statistical analysis. Thus again, with hindsight, Klejn feels he had reason to be grateful for his imprisonment: ‘Possibly, I personally have gained more than I have lost: I saw new sides of life, new spheres of activity. Devoid of my earlier profession, I, while working at home, mastered a new scienti c profession-Homeric studies’ (Klejn 2010: 400).