chapter  6
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Playing at the edge

Negation, recognition and the lawful world

181 My personal relation to play was formed in the context of being with babies and children, especially my own. The idea of play was appealing to me in the abstract as an undergraduate reading the radical Freudians (Marcuse, Brown), Nietzche, and Schiller, and later when I read Winnicott and Milner, but I was not yet sure what play could mean in adult analysis. Play as a developmentally crucial part of infancy I encountered when I discovered infancy research and the studies of face-to-face interaction in the work of Stern & Beebe (Stern, 1974a & b; Beebe & Stern, 1977). But my felt sense was of having rediscovered the ability to play, as if my experience of play with my own parents came back to me when I had a baby of my own.