chapter  VII
Departs for Lake Albert
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T h o u g h teaching the native chiefs the use of money may have been the first step towards initiating them into the mysteries of civilization, Gordon’s intelligent and aggressive fight against slavery required that he should open up the country as well as the minds of its inhabitants. It has already been said that Lieutenant-Colonel Chaille-Long had been sent on a mission to King M ’tesa. That officer returned to headquarters on 18 th October, 1874. His chief characterized his subordinate’s discovery of the waterpassage between Urundogani and Foweira as an accomplishment of great importance. Later, Gordon wrote :—

“ Those who care to study the successive steps which built up the map of the course of the Nile will know that to Speke is due the discovery of one portion, to Baker that of another, and to Colonel Chaille-Long that of another portion and of the lake referred to ” (Lake Ibrahim).1