chapter  XXVIII
The Dash to Khartoum
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O n 14th December Gordon wrote to his sister : “ This may be the last letter you will receive from me, for we are on our last legs, owing to the delay of the expedition.” In a postscript he added : “ I am quite happy, thank God, and like Lawrence, I have tried to do my duty.” 1

This letter left Khartoum with his six journals. The note and diaries were handed over to Colonel Sir Charles Wilson, as was also a small piece of paper on which was written “ Khartoum all right. Could hold out for years.” Signed C. G. Gordon, sealed with his Arabic stamp, and dated A messenger who had joined the steamers at Nasri Island brought the chit. It was the last document of any kind received from General Gordon. It is believed by those who ought to know that it is one of many that the gallant soldier sent out about the same time in order to deceive the enemy.