chapter  II
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The First Academy

RATHMEL, the birthplace of Richard Frankland, where his Academy was also first established, is a little hamlet in Ribblesdale in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Some three miles to the south of Giggleswick and Settle, its northward view is bounded by the heights of Ingleborough and Penyghent, and two miles to the south-east, across the valley, is Long Preston. The modern railway junction of Hellifield is a little farther to the south, and beyond that, Pendle Hill. Even a hundred years after Frankland's time the Craven district was somewhat inaccessible, for Mrs. Newcome Cappe, of Yark, the friend of Theophilus Lindsey, in her Memoirs, telling of her childhood in the Long Preston vicarage, speaks of almost impassable roads, which no wheel-carriage could face, and of carriers bringing their goods over the hills on pack-horses. In that country of hill and da\e Frankland was born in 1630, and except for his college years at Cambridge, his whole life was spent in the North. The vigour of its splendid air and the open moorlands was in his blood, and he had the determined character of the Yorkshire yeoman. There were several Franklands in the district, and another branch of the family farther north, having prospered in the cloth trade, was advanced to a baronetcy. Richard Frankland inherited from his father, a well-to-do yeoman, the estate to which after

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the Ejection he retired, and there in I 670 he established his Academy.